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xPortTools specializes in solutions for .NET developers. We offer easy-to-use, streamlined components that read and export data from Excel, and read OpenDocument Spreadsheets and text files. All of our components are 100% .NET managed with 32- and 64-bit platforms support, and come with complete customer suport. Read on to learn more about how our products can help you.
xPorter to Microsoft(R) Excel
Extremely fast data transfers
Supports Excel 2007 file formats
Export to XLS, XLSX, XMLSS, CSV, HTML and custom delimited file formats
Formatting capabilities
Minimal memory usage
xlReader to Microsoft(R) Excel
Read data without using any additional providers or Microsoft® Excel  
Jet not required  
Supports XLS, XLT, XLSX, XLTX and XLTM Excel file formats  
odsReader for OpenDocument Spreadsheet
Read data without using OpenOffice application  
Supports ODS, OTS, SXC, STC file formats  
txtReader for Text files
Read data without using Jet or any additional providers  
Provides functionality dynamically define column data types  
Schema.ini file not required  
Supports all character-delimited or fixed columns text file formats  
Learn more about .NET xlReader
Learn more about .NET odsReader
Learn more about .NET txtReader

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