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.NET Managed Reader for Text Files
.NET txtReader for Text Files is a set of classes, specifically designed to read text files and load the data into ADO.NET DataTable/DataSet from .NET applications . The latest version of the component is implemented as a .NET Managed Provider with read-only capabilities which allow it to treat each text file in a folder as a table with the data and read data from character-delimted or fixed columns text files without the need to use any additional providers. This also results in a familiar look-and-feel and allows for future extension of the component. .NET txtReader uses 100% .NET managed code and is designed to use minimal PC memory to achieve maximum performance.

.NET txtReader is FREE to try. Download a trial version here.

 100% Managed .NET component
 32- and 64-bit platforms support
 Provides functionality dynamically define column data types
 Supports all character-delimited or fixed columns text file formats
 Minimal memory usage
 Read data without using Jet or any additional providers
 Schema.ini file not required

Supported Platforms
 -.NET Framework 4.0, 3.x, 2.0

Release Details
 - Version: 2.0

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