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xPortTools has proudly provided the international software development community with effective and reliable technical solutions for the past 8 years. We are just as proud of the positive feedback we regularly receive from our satisfied customers which we have listed below.
“I am a commercial developer and have evaluated several to-XLS objects. After trying the xPortTools, I was surprised how easy it was to implement. In just a few lines of code I am able to create multi-page excel files for my clients. It is fast, reliable and reasonably priced. The ability to write to streams or files from a single overloaded function makes this product standout from all the others I have evaluated. It is currently deployed at several Government agencies where it is used to create reports. The support is phenomenal. I have questions answered and issues resolved within a few hours. I wish all software companies were as equally responsive.”

  Jeff Willis, VP of Technology MIS Sciences Corporation
“I've used xPort Tools on several goverment projects and find it very easy to use and implement. Instead of sending the results I need to a report system like Reporting Services and exporting that to excel, I can just send it straight to excel or other formats that xPort Tools allows me to push from on a dataset or dataview. Also the support for the product is great and always prompt with any answers you need. Simple a great product and I would recommend this product to any .NET developer”

  Scott W. Eoff, Eoff Technologies, Inc.
“xPortTools is just right for my application's needs. It has the right features at the right level of detail, and is easy to use. Additionally, the author's responsiveness to a technical issue I had was outstanding.”

  Russ Araujo, Social Work Software
“This tool does exactly what you expect, reading Excel spreadsheets from within your .NET application. It's fast, lightweight and easy to install and use. However, the best thing about using this tool is the support provided by the author. In a situation that was not the fault of the tool, Val went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us troubleshoot the application (over a weekend, no less), including providing us with a specially compiled instrumented version. Kudos!”

  Dave Bernard, The Intellection Group, Inc.
“I was looking for a simple .NET component that would allow me to export data from ADO.NET datasets and tables to an Excel spreadsheet file, preferably without invoking Excel itself. After trying a number of feature rich Excel components that did far more than I needed and didn't do what I wanted very well I came across xPort Tools for .NET. This component does one job and does it extremely well. There is only one method in the class that is overloaded to provide the ability to export from a dataset, a datatable or a dataview to either an Excel .xls file or to a CSV file. It is very easy to use and very fast. The author provides excellent support and it's inexpensive especially when compared to the more feature rich Excel components. If you have the same requirement as me I can't recommend it more highly. Try it. You won't be disappointed.”

  Bob Boffin, Aslan Business Systems

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