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xPorter to Microsoft(R) Excel
Need a fast and simple way to export data from ADO.NET DataSet/DataTable/DataView into native Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Excel 2007 XLSX, Microsoft® Excel XML, CSV or HTML formats?

.NET xPorter is a 100% managed .NET component that provides extremely fast export of data from ADO.NET DataSet/DataTable/DataView into Microsoft® Excel files without using Excel or any other tools or providers.

.NET xPorter exports data within seconds with minimal usage of your computer memory - generating only a few lines of code. By using ADO.NET DataSet as a bridge between itself and your database, .NET xPorter allows you to export data into a Microsoft® Excel file or memory stream from virtually any database.

.NET xPorter for Microsoft® Excel is FREE to try. Download a trial version here.

 100% Managed .NET component
 32- and 64-bit platforms support
 Extremely fast data transfers
 Supports Excel 2007 file formats
 Export to XLS, XLSX, XMLSS, CSV, HTML and custom delimited file formats
 Formatting capabilities
 Minimal memory usage

Supported Platforms
 -.NET Framework 4.x, 3.x

Release Details
 - Version:

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